OKRA @ JW Marriot, Hyderabad

OKRA @ JW Marriot, Hyderabad
Best Breakfast Buffet in Hyderabad
I arrived to the restaurant with a warm welcome from the hostess, looked around all areas of the buffet and was relatively pleased with the options. Great ambiance, a huge spread, excellent service and the fantastic live food counters. The chefs made several rounds of the table urging us to try all dishes served tastefully. They have a lavish spread that includes continental, South Indian and North Indian cuisine. A must visit place in city who are big foodie.
I tasted almost all varieties of items in the menu. You must try there crispy bacon, waffles with maple syrup and donuts, all made on live counters. Fully crowded almost all the seats got full. I also tasted breads and Tatars waffles which are good in taste and later moved to yogurt and mixed with different nuts. Finally I got attracted to live juices of pineapple and watermelon. In a nutshell, each dish was master piece and the blend of spices was perfect.
Each guest was looked after well. A big thanks to the following:
1.     Chef Gurunathan,
2.     Chef Santosh,
3.     Chef Srinivas,
4.     Chef Sharmila,
5.     Manager, Mr. Alok,
6.     Astt. Manager, Mr. Dinesh,
7.     Mr. Malli,
8.     Ms. Milli,
9.     Mr. Ranbinder etc.
Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended

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