BOHEMIAN by Chef Joy Banerjee

BOHEMIAN by Chef Joy Banerjee

Before I left for my FOOD TRAIL IN KOLKATA, many of my members, suggested this restaurant, for modern Bengali cuisine. During my visit to this restaurant, I had the honor to meet, Chef Joy Banerjee, the brain behind this venture. Chef Joy Banerjee is  very seasoned chef, worked with many leading restaurants and hotels. Although to call him Chef alone, will not be a perfect term. During my interaction, he come across as a food visionary, food philosopher and above all a creative chef, with magic in his hands. He  is promoting traditional Bengali cuisines, serving with modern twist and contemporary appeal. He goes to great length to explore recipes from past to present them to the current generation. He is happy to serve his food to customers from royal class to even a person belonging to lowest economic strata.

Each dish is a master piece in itself, however, we suggest you to atleast try these:
Aam kashundhi soaked chicken scallops
topshee fritters with kalojeera and poppy seeds
Bhetki smoked with cumin & quartered darjeeling chilli
Murshidabadi barbecued chicken with onion chutney
chicken supreme with preserved lemon and mustard
Gondhoraaj mouse and Malpoa cheese cake & many others


Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended

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