Bhojohari Manna-Kolkata

My dear friends, my blog visitors, from all around the globe, have been requesting me to review authentic Bengali cuisine, in Kolkata. Bowing to their great demand, I left for FOOD TRAIL IN  KOLKATA, from 9th to 11th Jan. 2016.. Here is the review of various restaurants:


Bhojohari Manna
Authentic Bengali Food
At Hindustan Road, Kolkata
Excellent Bengali Food

I have been waiting for a long time to visit this legendry place, since I had heard a lot about it. Since we wanted to try variety, we opted for both veg. & non veg. meal. It was a traditional and authentic bengaly food The first dish which is very common in any Bengali home Karola-Alu Bhaja (Bitter Gaud & Potato fry) which goes well with plain rice. The next was Sukto (mixed veg bengali style) which is cooked in mustard and poppy seeds curry and contains drum-sticks & bitter gaud in addition to other vegetables. Next was Dhokar Dalna, a curry made with Bengal-Gram Dhal Pattie, Next was Dal & Alu bhaja. For non-veg we ordered Dab-Chingri, Whole Prawns, cooked in mustard, poppy seeds & tender coconut water based gravy, one of their signature dishes. Next was Ilish Bhape, Hilsha fish steam-cooked again in mustard & poppy seed paste, with mustard oil & green chilies. Another signature dish. For the desert, we had Chatni-Papor bhaja & Sweet Curd.
Overall a complete bengali meal.

It is not very expensive too. It offers a great value for money. I definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone visiting West Bengal for first time.


Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended

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