Eau De Monsoon @Le Meridian Hotel

Eau De Monsoon
@Le Meridian Hotel, New Delhi
Delicious food at its best
Eau De Monsoon serves extraordinary tasty contemporary Continental, Indian, French & European cuisines. Eau De Monsoon is an in-house restaurant of Le Meridian. It’s a chic and peaceful fine-dining place. Running streams of water at the entrance of the restaurant bring the theme of monsoon alive.  I liked the contemporary but comfortable sitting arrangements and interiors. It was dimly lit with soft music playing in background, with excellent positive atmosphere.

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They served us a welcome drink that we were supposed to drink in one shot, it had layers of flavors and tasted WOW. Eau De Monsoon has a limited but very selected menu for each cuisine. There were around 12 starters (both veg and non-vegetarian) and 12 main course dishes. But this is the place, if you are looking for lip smacking, avant grade Indian dishes, which speaks volume for this place’s dining experience and the art of fine Indian cuisine , prepared by the leading chefs of India, in this restaurant.
The Team FCBA is not going to recommend any particular  dish, in this restaurant, because each dish is a master piece in itself. Although we tried many dishes in continental; French and Indian cuisines but there are still many left, for us to explore magical food journey. Dear readers, you put finger at any dish, in the menu, even blindfolded, the randomly selected dish will never let you down , in terms taste; quantity; authentic preparation; presentation and service. Well done Master Chef Anil Kumar  Jaiswal and his excellent team, for this wonderful food journey
Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended

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