Yellow Chili @Ludhiana

yellow chilli ludhiana

Since we have reviewed and covered various Restaurants owned/ franchised  by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, like Options by Sanjeev Kapoor@Dubai, Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor @ Dubai, Yellow Chili @ Amritsar, Sura Vie @ Cp, New Delhi, it is the time to review another outlet carrying the legendary name, YELLOW CHILLI @ Ludhiana.

Yellow Chili@Ludhiana’s  is quite popular with Ludhianavis and other parts of Punjab as well. The restaurant’s ambiance is quite good and lively. The staff is very courteous and make every guest comfortable. The menue is very extensive and strward help you in choosing the right dishes, accoeding to your tastes and no of guests. What to talk about the food, each dish served to us,  was a master piece. The service was good and staff was polite and well behaved, led by GM, Mr. Simon, himself. 

Please go in for:

tamatar dhaniya shorba,

masaale ka bhuna paneer,

Non Veg Kabab Platter,

Veg Tandoori platter,

Lala Mussa Daal

Butter Chicken,

Sham savera,

rarra murgh,

hari irch parantha and the list goes on. You can never go wrong here. It’s the best place to eat and most consistent.

The Yellow Chili@ Ludhiana is owned by ever smiling, Mr. Harjinder Singh and his passion for good quality food reflects in each and every dish prepared here.

Rating: 5/5


Highly Recommended


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