Exotic fruits & vegetable trail

The place for Exotic Fruits; vegetable & sea food-INA Market, New Delhi

Pleasantly surprised to find so many shops in the INA Market, New Delhi, selling fresh exotic fruits; vegetable; poultry and sea food.
Till now Delhites were not able to find these items except some frozen stuff. But now many shops are now  selling  stuff like Mangosteen; Star apple; dragon fruit; grape fruit & many others. In vegetables, many verities of :  asparagus;  broccoli; enoki mushroom; zucchini-green & yellow;  spinach kale;  panadanus leaves; rosemary green; pak choi;  fennel etc. are available & also all Kinds of Fish, Shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crabs& baby octopus & others other seafood along with fresh water fish like Rohu & Katla are all lined up neatly in the shop.
Another interesting shop sells dried fish of different varieties, a delicacy for many fish lovers. The fish pickles sold in these markets are quite popular & much sought after. 

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