The Post Office Café: Delhi

The Post Office Café.

Among the numerous restaurants in B K Dutta market of Rajouri, there is yet another café with a very unusual name to it – The Post Office Café.


The owner told us the story that why they had named the café , she told us that there us an old post office at the end of the road that may have some memories attached to it and people could relate to it and another reason was that the people should come after their offices …… sooo that’s how this place got its name from.

Okay so this place was a pleasant surprise! Their concept is quite good…here you can chill out with your friends or can have a kitty or a family dinner…. It suits all categories….


The staff was very welcoming , specially the manager he made sure everything was fine. There were times when he would actually get the food for us which is not so common these days at least not in india!
Now coming to the food part…They serve everything from salads to pastas to burgers, soups, platters and wonderful desserts.


We ordered soup which was served in a very unique pot along with a tiny crisp wonton. It was really fresh and tasty and had a hint of coriander and lemon which tasted so good! I would never go to a cafe (that serves such other interesting options) and order a soup

Then we got, gol gappas stuffed with a cheese and corn and some nachos and what more with a bantta kinda taste of go gappa water…


Then the non-veg sampler… it had small portions of chicken spring roll , chicken satay, chicken spring roll and boti pe roti.

For dessert we tried the kasaata which was a perfect end to our meal.


We would like to thank for the hospitality  Mr. Taranjeet and Ms. Gurmeet for being  soo courteous .


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