ITHACA :Bangalore

ITHACA @ Chancery Pavallion Hotel
As you enter this place and you are welcomed by a lovely fountain located inside the restaurant and a nice set up of tables with the main course and the buffet spread and a live crepe counter. I asked for outdoor seating as it was not too hot and we got a table on the poolside. The staff was very courteous and friendly. The clear blue pool along with blue seating elevated the ambiance. There were live counters around the pool for chats, appam and other grilled food. There was a bar in the corner as well. The place looked so serene and beautiful that I was lost in it. The staff was very attentive and catered to every need of ours. For starters I asked for grilled fish and chicken. The chicken tasted just like another other chicken tikka, but it was very soft. The fish was delicately spiced and cooked to perfection, the filets of basa was very delicious and I ending up having a lot of it.
ithacaThe banana stuffed crepes were super soft and was served with apples, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and custard. It was too heavy to finish. But the best dish ever was the appam and stew. The appam was so delicate and it had the perfect lace around it.
Rating: 5/5

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