URBAN TADKA-Sakinaka, Mumbai

URBAN TADKA-Sakinaka, Mumbai
urban tadka
Ambiance: The restaurant has a very desi and punjabi ambiance with a little mordern set up! The songs playing are too good and suit the atmosphere. The thali’s, glasses and seating make it even more desi!!  Thy have tried to give a rustic, village dhaba kind of an ambience, various urban elements like dhol, kites, wheel carts, bangles, lanterns etc suit the theme of the restaurant and give a good feel. Overall they have a beautiful ambiance.
interior urban tadka
Food here is just phenomenal. Order anything from the menu and its sure that you would find that to be great. Veg and Non Veg, both are delicious and the Garlic Chutney they serve is icing on the cake. There is a wide variety of tandoors, kebabs and tikkas in both veg and non-veg for starters, the Murgh Kaalimiri Kebab and the Dilliwalla Tandoori Murgh are the best in non-veg. The kaalimiri kebabs are delicately spiced and tender, juicy kebabs that melt in your mouth. The tandoori chicken is spicy and well cooked always! The best classic option for main course is Kukkad Masala, a chicken preparation just like home! It is a thick gravy dish and soft chicken pieces.  The Butter Naan is amazing, soft and buttery…..and the Roomali Roti is thin and soft as well! The Dal Makhani is very tasty and seems like it has been cooked just at home; the most basic punjabi household flavor! For desserts, we had the Jalebi and Rabdi which was a melt in the mouth!! :
Restaurant Receiving certificate from our Chief Editor

Restaurant Receiving certificate from our Chief Blogger

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommendation: Yes totally recommends and get your self out there. You will love the food and the people. Enjoy.

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