Food trail to CYBER HUB-Gurgaon

Food trail to CYBER HUB-Gurgaon


hard Cyber hub is a world of good food and booze but Hard Rock cannot be ignored even if there are 100 restaurants some day!!

Music is good and the food is just above average but u tend to fall in love with the place


We went in for a Weekday Lunch. Lunch at Weekdays is like a big fat Indian Wedding at HRC – All the people are on Corporate Lunch. It’s like all the Cyber Hub People are in here. Getting a table became difficult. It was more difficult to ask for our food as nobody knew anything except Corporate Lunch.
A big issue that we faced was the menu. Half the items listed on this 10 item menu were not available. Drinks were a relief. The pastas were amazing, The salads were amazing too. The soup was good. Main Course was substandard.
Overall The place is amazing ambiance wise. Drinks are amazing. Potion Size is excellent.
Soda Bottle Opener Wala
Soda_Bottle_Openerwala_2 (1)
Very gud place to visit..
Ambiance is likably old  good but the food variety and tastes are great!!!
Music is old bollywood remix.. food is presented in a normal format like plates with no overdo of decorations or simple tiffin boxes like mumbaiya style..
Must eats – chicken baida roti(masala chicken stuffed), kolmi fry(fried prawns in fried onions) n bohra keema pav(mild masala mutton with pav). Different variety of drinks are also available to try….
California Pizza Kitchen
california pizza kitchen
I went here for the pizzas and it’s the best pizza I’ve had so far. They offer pizzas in two sizes the 9 and 14 inches I really relished the chicken fajita and Kasada pizza.. I had both the pizzas in thin crust and just enjoyed it to the last bits. Awesome pizzas. A must try in cyber city. Tried their desserts today. Tiramisu, red velvet and chocolate mud cake. They’re awesome.
I had heard a lot about their sauces and finally decided to give this place a try. We tried the chicken peri-peri humus and pita, and peri-perri kababs with three bean salad and potato wedges. We had also ordered the ice tea and another drink with pomegranate flavor. I tried the non-spicy and the least spicy sauces. The medium spicy one is also quite spicy, so didn’t try the spicier ones. The non-spicy lemon sauce tasted great with the paneer kababs. The three bean salad was the best; even though it was quite simple, the beans in the sauce tasted great! The portions do justice to the price of the dishes. One thing I found missing was that they do not have smaller portions of boneless chicken in the menu.
Imperfecto is a place which is not very perfect, but it does make an effort to impress.
Finding a table in this club is way too difficult, but eventually we did and i think we settled in really quickly. Good Ambiance with brilliant Sufi songs with some awesome people with cheap Corona on the top will make your night.
Best Burger to go in for:  a Red Scorcher Burger that had 3 Chicken Patty, Hot sauce, Onion, Tomatoes served with a portion of Coleslaw & fries. Heat Level used to be very high earlier but has been reduced now.
Don’t orfer: Crispy outlaw chicken burger which tasted like a 35/- rupee worth Chicken snacker which is being served in KFC. It was Bun, piece of fried chicken, A lettuce leaf & few onion rings. A huge disappointment
Triple – P wasn’t great either which had a grilled paneer patty & similar toppings.
Non-veg Platter was better than everything else that we ordered. Roll, Wings, Rings & loaded potatoes were served with 4 dipping sauces.

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