Lights Camera Action

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Bollywood ? We don’t think so ….. Everyone likes it and some of us even loves it! That’s the reason why two new amazing restaurants popped up in the city:

Lights Camera Action

lights camera action

One of them is located in Rajouri Garden and the other one in the heart of the Hauz Khas Village.

This restaurant is based on Molecular Gastronomy which combines Physics and Chemistry to change the taste as well as the texture of food.  In short it is the scientific method for cooking.20150604_200605

Hey Don’t be scared we are not in the ever boring chemistry class , its just the way of cooking more scientific way.

Located in the BK Dutta market , this place is definitely going to set new trends in west Delhi. The ambiance is better than it can get. Look anyway around and an eye catching phrase or a funny poster will drift your mind away. The Bollywood legacy was shining everywhere including the shirts of the servers.lca3

The Bollywood themed wall paintings and the seating, all looks perfect. I really liked the section that they have made for 8-10 people for a private dinner.

The food journey started perfectly with kesar pista lassi shots. These shots were sophisticated molecular bombs which bursted my mouth tantalizing my taste buds
Rangeela kaun was popcorn flavored with jaljeera, for one doesn’t take a ride in the Bollywood heaven without them.

we also had the following:-

  • Chammak Chalo – Lettuce salad with an orange twist.slik smitha rolls lca7
  • silk Smitha Rolls
  • Pyaar Tune Quesadillas – Mexican fusion of quesadillas served with mexican dips.
  • sunny leone pappri chaat.
  • “Mere Birthday Wala Pasta”sunny leone chat papri lca6
  • Chicken-e-chameli and kukkad kamal da were their variations of chicken n malai tikka respectively. The chicken pieces had a melt-in-the-mouth texture.
  • Dil Chahta hai Naanza Pizza – The Naan is the crust with butter chicken as a topping.
  • Hollywood Papdi Dhokla Chaat –  this is nitrogen based Papdi Chaat right in front your eyes as clouds are coming out of your plate. Believe me its magical.20150604_203115

Overall a splendid afternoon spent and its really hard to explain the experience.


Thank you very much Lights Camera Action Team for hosting us!


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