Delhi:- Dasee Dakshin Coastal Cafe

d1Dasee Dakshin ….This unusual café is in BK Dutt market rajouri garden .This coastal café is serving mangalorean food in the heart where the Punjabi style of cuisine is the most popular.

As soon as you enter the restaurant you are greated with two beautiful  African parrot grey in Colour named ‘Spirit’ and a large aquarium.
Decor is nicely done with a bar counter as well. To be more precise it is an ideal combination for a bar and a restaurant. The choice of music is such to encourage conversation and not drown it out. It is a perfect place to do family lunches, dinners, drinks, catch up sessions, all in all it has something for everyone to offer.
Coming to the food it has 2 elaborate menu one for the costal cuisine and the other for north Indians


Fish Rawa fry-425/-

Mutton pepper fry – 435/-

Chicken  sukha -385/-3

Clam sukha-385/-

Fish masala fry-425/-

Paneer pepper fry-220/- 4

After gobbling so much food ,rather soul food we were hardly left with any space to eat more but still we had food for main course.

Main course –
Malai kofta- 250

Shahi paneer-  250

Vegetables makhanwala- 220
Not to miss Khasta roti- it was superb actually Khasta with a drizzle of saunf. only rs 35/-

Butter chicken,chicken curry,mutton curry and Mangalorean chicken is to die for.Not to miss there accompliments with the mai course-

Appam, Neer dosa , malabari prantha and last but not the least rice balls.

d1.1Every dish was made with love and care….it certainly reflects the food in this outstanding café . Thanks to the awesome man, the owner himself ,such a pleasure meeting so magnetic personality who is soo0 welcoming and charming…overall must visit if you want to experience something different.

you will not get disappointed if you are craving for some lip smacking southindian non veg food.

Rating- 5/5


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